CrossMaster - Cross-Sanding on Top and Bottom with Contemporary Discs

Crossmaster DBx2

Looking to improve your finish on flat surfaces after fine or hydro planing or even after belt sanding? Well, that´s exactly what the CrossMaster DBx2 has been designed to do. The wood fibres are removed in a cross-sanding motion using sanding strips. The surface is finely sanded on the top and bottom without altering the geometry of the workpiece in any way.

The result: an even, open -pored surface, ideally prepared for further processing. And depending on the type of application and wood used, the denibbing can either be skipped completely or cut down considerably.

products of Crossmaster DBx2

The CrossMaster is compact in size and can be easily incorporated into existing lines. For single piece production, it is ideally suited for after profiling, to remove light markings.

All in all, the CrossMaster offers the perfect solution for achieving that subtle cross-sanding effect on flat wooden surfaces.

disc and roller unit

Disc and roller unit, in offset arrangement, for cross-sanding and longitudinal sanding on each side. Picture shows DBx2-200 with option Softdisc for more intensive cross grain sanding.

CrossMaster DBx2 - For a finer sanding result

  • Uses state-of-the-art excenter disc technology
  • Impressive cross-sanding results
  • Easy to handle
  • Sands surfaces and side radii
  • No vacuum needed due to hold down rollers between discs
  • Different sanding results possible due to speedy changing of discs
  • Variable speed of discs, rollers and belt

And here´s how it works:

detailed perspective

First of all, the workpiece is sanded across the grain (right to left, then left to right). Flexible, brush-supported sanding strips are used and the speed is kept slow for more gentle sanding.
Thanks to the disc-processing, the wood fibres are carefully removed, without damaging the soft annual rings. The subsequent roller unit, which is also equipped with special sanding strips, processes the piece longitudinally giving you that subtle cross-sanding effect. The result is a first-class longitudinal finish in the direction of the grain.


  • PLC controls with touch panel (stores all relevant sanding parameters)
  • Model DDx2 with discs only

Model DDx2

two discs each on top and bootom

Two discs each on top and bottom. Due to offset arrangement sanding in four directions. Picture shows DDx2-200 with option PLC with touch panel.