MiniMaster - The Simple Solution for Mouldings


If you want to sand simple mouldings, then you should have a look at the Löwer MiniMaster. Competitive in price but high in performance, it comes with 1 to 4 sanding rollers in 150mm or 300mm width.

automatic dipping device

One optional feature is the sensor-controlled automatic dipping device which allows the sanding roller to dip down directly over the incoming workpiece edge.

Your benefits:

  • No sanding through of the primer or breaking of edges
  • Longer abrasive life
feed belt interruption

Another effective feature (also optional) is the feed belt interruption. It allows for a deeper setting of the sanding strip roller. Also there is sufficient pressure for sanding thin pieces – without the abrasives touching the feed belt.


MiniMaster - Simple and Effective

  • Smoother workpiece transport due to steady conveyor belt feed
  • Ideal for use in line due to constant height of throughfeed
  • Suitable for processing thin workpieces using optional feed belt interruption feature
  • Optional dipping device for perfect incoming /outgoing edges
  • Safe and clean due to complete encasement of machine