Lath Sanding Machine LSN 300

LS 200

Sanding machines for solid wood strips and laths in working widths of 300mm. Ideal for use in tandem with wide belt sanding machine.

Functional highlights:

  • combined sanding aggregate with rubber-coated sanding cylinder and sanding pad

  • conveyor belt feed on sturdy iron table (8m/min.)

  • sanding belt oscillation

  • numerical thickness display

  • sanding accuracy 1/10mm

Special functions for adapting to individual tasks:

  • conveyor belt suction device for sanding very thin workpieces from 0.5mm upwards

  • also available as a frame sanding machine for sanding bonded frames

  • finishing device with cleaning brush

  • motorized setting of thickness

  • infinitely variable feed speed

  • wide range of extras