WindowMaster FA6D - The Professional Solution for Frames and Sashes

WindowMaster FA6D
WindowsMaster FA6D

In principle, the finishing and denibbing of windows is a difficult and often subjective task. If your main focus is on surfaces and radii, then you can get first-class sanding results with a throughfeed machine such as the DiscMaster, especially for woodsanding. If, however, you need to sand deeper profiles and rebates, then the sanding unit must move along the profile, similar to “single piece” processing.And this is exactly what the WindowMaster FA6D is designed to do.
The sash is pinned to the table pneumatically. The processing unit runs on a linear guide along one side and automatically processes the top and bottom surfaces as well as all profiles and rebates outside and inside. The processing unit identifies the length of the workpiece and processes the next side of the frame on its return journey.

detailed perspective

Two discs with relatively short sanding strips process the surfaces on the top and bottom. Four rollers with longer sanding strips process the profiles and rebates on the inside and outside. Georgian bars, cross-bars and the workpiece length are recognized automatically.

You choose the programme you require using the selector switch – the PLC controls ensure that all sanding units are set accordingly.

example of use

You can choose from the following programmes:

  • Sash
  • Sash door/French window
  • Overlapping casement window
  • Overlapping casement door
  • Blind frame
  • Blind frame with shutter guide
example of use

WindowMaster - Quick and Effective

  • Sands along the profile
  • Workpiece is fixed on table during processing, so operator can control results and improve if need be
  • Speedy processing - takes just about a minute to sand a workpiece 1m x 1.20 m (including manual check)
  • Simple changing of profiles at the touch of a button
  • Sanding intensity can be adjusted using variable speed function of discs and rollers
  • Maximum frame size 3000 x 3000 mm