DiscMaster 3DBB 1850 - The Versatile Sanding Solution for Windows, Doors and Shutters

DiscMaster 3DBB-1850
DiscMaster 3DBB-1850

If you want to process not only window sashes and frames but also interior doors, Georgian style windows, shutters, strips and more, then you need a multi-functional sanding solution - the DiscMaster 3DBB 1850.

It uses 22 offset excenter discs equipped with sanding strips, for sanding surfaces and crossovers smoothly in all directions. Two spiral rollers follow with a finer grain to give a smooth, homogenous finish. The large working width of 1850mm means that wider frames can also be processed easily.Thanks to the spring-mounted pressure rollers, standard on the DiscMaster 3DBB 1850, laths or Georgian-style frames are transported safely. Finally, exterior rebates can also be processed with our optional side unit SU.

All in all – the DiscMaster 3DBB-1850 is the comprehensive and versatile solution for all your window sanding needs.

The Side Unit SU:

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  • throughfeed machine
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Can be placed in front of every throughfeed machine. The unit is manually positioned at the required width and pneumatically fixed. The sanding units can be raised or lowered pneumatically (top rebate, bottom rebate), as an optional extra.

finished product

DiscMaster 3DBB-1850 – Versatile and Unique

  • Advanced excenter disc technology (patent pending)
  • Larger sanding time due to 22 large discs moving in different directions
  • Clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation of discs with varying grain (Pre-sanding/denibbing)
  • Large counter-rotating sanding rollers for clockwise and anti-clockwise motion, in various grains
  • Grading of sanding grain possible on discs, first roller and second roller
  • Can be customized to your individual sanding requirements – use discs only, rollers only or both
  • Hold-down rollers for processing laths
  • Large working width 1850mm for processing wider parts

Optional Extras

  • Vacuum conveyor belt with 7.5 kW ventilator
  • Sensor-controlled oscillating workpiece cleaning device with anti-static strip and separate extraction outlet
  • Power Panel with PLC controls and colour display for setting and storing all relevant sanding parameters
sands in all directions
The unique DiscMaster: sands in all directions, with increasingly fine grains, for a smoother finish
DiscMaster 3DBB with Power Panel and side unit SU

DiscMaster 3DBB with Power Panel and side unit SU