For narrow, short pieces – the DiscMaster 2D2DB

DiscMaster 2D2DB

This machine is ideal for narrow, swung furniture pieces or shorter parts - or indeed for any workpiece that is difficult to hold down with a vacuum belt but must still be sanded from all directions. It is used very successfully e.g. in the chair industry or for carvings.

six pressure rollers

Six pressure rollers, very close to each other, hold down difficult parts. This DiscMaster model doesn´t usually need a vacuum belt.

Four rows of excentric discs and one roller unit

Four rows of excentric discs and one roller unit for large sanding time and processing in all directions.

DiscMaster 2D2DBB - the most versatile brush sander

The DiscMaster 2D2DBB is our most versatile brush sander. Two individual disc stations and two counter rotating spiral rollers can be equipped with sanding strips in different length and gritsize. This makes it possible to sand all different kind of workpieces with one machine. Five piece doors with small or deep profiles, mitred doors, MDF parts, whitewood or sealer – the DiscMaster 2D2DBB allways offers the right setting of sanding strips and gritsize, easily selected and adjusted by the PLC.