DiscMaster Compact - The Compact Solution in 900mm Working Width

DiscMaster Compact

The DiscMaster Compact

is the genuine alternative for smaller and medium-sized operations and offers first-class sanding results at an affordable price.

The double-row disc unit is made up of seven, large, offset discs equipped with sanding strips. These discs rotate excentrically and sand the workpiece from all directions and angles. The result: superb sanding results in mouldings as well as side radii and surfaces. The excentric motion of the discs ensures that the
sanding strips reach into even the smallest corners. In addition, there is a blurring effect on the surfaces.

Two sanding rollers follow after the disc unit, giving a finish in the direction of the feed.

Due to the two rows of discs side by side and the five hold-down rollers, there is no need for a vacuum belt, thus keeping your investment and operating costs at a minimum.

finished product

DiscMaster Compact – Versatile value for money

  • Removing fibres and smoothing wood, MDF and veneered workpieces
  • Sanding out milling marks
  • Sanding mouldings, radii, crossovers and surfaces
  • Preparing MDF for 3D foil wrapping
  • Preparing the workpiece for further surface treatment
  • Sealer and lacquer sanding
Hold-down rollers between the spiral rollers

Hold-down rollers between the spiral rollers and discs make it possible to process narrow and short parts easily.

excenter discs and two subsequent sanding rollers

Two rows of excenter discs and two subsequent sanding rollers sand in all directions and angles.

  • position of the excenter discs
  • final product

DiscMaster Compact – the Highlights

  • State-of-the-art excenter disc technology (patent pending)
  • Large discs for sanding in all directions with a greater sanding time
  • Clockwise and anti-clockwise motion of discs with varied grains (wood sanding, lacquer sanding)
  • Large counter-rotating sanding rollers with varied sanding grain (wood sanding, lacquer sanding)
  • Grading of sanding grain on discs, first roller, second roller
  • Individual motorized setting of discs and rollers – process discs only, rollers only or both
  • Hold-down rollers also between discs, no vacuum belt required
  • Variable speed of discs, rollers and feed
  • Working width 900mm