RotoMaster - The Sturdy Brush Sanding Machine with Large Sanding Rollers


For certain applications e.g. just surface sanding or sanding workpieces with very light profiles, good sanding results can be achieved even without using discs. The RotoMaster is a sturdy, brush sanding machine with two, three or four roller units in succession. The machine has been designed for larger, heavy rollers. It works similar to the hand sanding principle, using a high sanding pressure and a very slow spindle speed to give those desired sanding results.

The RotoMaster comes in widths of 900mm and 1350mm. It has a large number of features belonging to the standard package as well as various extras to customize it to your requirements

example of use

Standard configuration

  • Sturdy welded design, designed for heavy sanding rollers
  • Safe and clean due to complete encasement of machine
  • Constant height of throughfeed
  • Strong gear motor with low speed settings
  • Variable feed speed and spindle speed
  • Motorized height adjustment

RotoMaster 2B

RotoMaster 2B

2 brush roller units, each with a diameter of 400 mm and a spindle angle of 6º.

  • detailed perspective
  • example of use

Additional accessories:

  • Two, three or four spindles in succession
  • Working width of 900 mm or 1350 mm
  • Vacuum conveyor belt (for smaller pieces)
  • Antistatic strip
  • Separate height adjustment of individual spindles
  • Power Panel with PLC controls and colour display for setting and storing all relevant sanding parameters.
  • Modifications for using structuring rollers (brass-plated steel-wire or synthetic brush)
  • Available for extra large brushes up to a diameter of 630 mm
  • Inclined setting of rollers

RotoMaster SM

heavy structuring machine with two counter rotating rollers. 

Further we manufacture structuring machines with 1100mm working width with 
2,3,4, and 6 rollers and 1350mm working width with 2,3 and 4 rollers.


Smart-Flex sanding strips

Equipped with Smart-Flex sanding strips. Quick and easy changing of strips by using split end caps.

RotoMaster 4B
RotoMaster 4B with 4 rollers in succession

RotoMaster - Highlights:

  • Solid, sturdy machine
  • Functional standard machine, good value for money
  • Can be customized with a lot of additional extras