SmartGrinder 150/300

SmartGrinder SG 150 K

The SmartGrinder SG 150 K - the ideal grinding machine for medium-sized production.

Great value for money made possible by manufacturing a large number of machines with standard features.

Highly versatile grinding, bur removing or finishing of flat bar, sheet metal or hollow sections. The wet grinding facility makes it ideal for a mixed production of steel, stainless steel or aluminium.

example of use

Standard features

  • flexible modular construction
  • solid worked up made in Germany
  • feedbelt with fixed height
  • high quality, maintenance-free, linear guides
  • spring-loaded belt tensioning
  • rubber coverd and grooved contact wheel
  • spring-loaded and rubber coated “holding down” rollers
  • front hand wheel for height adjustment, including digital read out
  • large idler wheel with large bearings
  • control panel incl. amperemeter
  • variable speed of feed belt 1-10 m / min
  • fine tuning of run of abrasive belt
  • open table for quick changing of feed belt
  • two jet water outlets for each belt
  • safety standards conforming with CE standards


  • additional feed belt with 90° stoppers, for processing short workpieces
  • digital read out with zero reset for quicker setting of height
  • pneumatically controlled floating heads (ideal for grinding hollow sections)
  • flange for adapting abrasive nylon wheels or brushes
  • abrasive belts, abrasive nylon belts, abrasive nylon wheels
  • additional hold down rollers behind the grinding stations (recommended with pneumatically controlled floating head)

SmartGrinder SG 150 KK

Both SmartGrinder models use the same machine frame. This way the second unit can be fitted (in our factory) to a single-unit machine even at a later date. Each station has its own height adjustment for easy and quick setting of the machine. The hold-down rollers can be easily adjusted in height and distance to compensate for different diameters of contact wheels and abrasive wheels.

SmartGrinder SG 150 KK
detailed perspective

Highlights Smartgrinder

  • Highly versatile due to wet system and use of belts or wheels
  • Separate height adjustment of each unit
  • Quick change of feed belt, special feed belt available for processing short pieces
  • Perfect grinding of hollow sections using the optional extra “floating head” (no bending, no blue surface)
  • The SmartGrinder with 150mm working width is available with 1,2,3 or 4 Stations and the SmartGrinder with 300mm working width is availbale in 1,2 or 3 stations in a row
SmartGrinder 150 KKB

The SmartGrinder SG 150 KKB with two grinding belts and one finish wheel allows a very fine finish with just one pass.

Every Stations has its own separate height adjustment.

At the two grinding stations it is possible to run grinding belts or finishing wheels.

SmartGrinder 300

SmartGrinder 150 KKB

SG 300 K with one grinding belt unit with grinding belt 300 x 3000mm.

  • due to the 3000mm length of the grinding belt a exact grinding belt tracking on the contact roller is assured and a straight finish grinding is possible.
  • same otptions are available as for the SG 150 model
  • SG 300 KK with option pneumatic controlled floating station for grinding rectangular hollow sections.

  • SmartGrinder 300 with three grinding stations in a row