TwinMaster TbD-600

Deburring of flame-cut and plasma-cut parts up to 600mm width

Flame and plasma cut parts often have variation in thickness. As well the heat of the cutting process can lead to bowing of the parts. The innovative TwinBelt unit has been developed exactly for deburring those parts. A very soft rubber layer on the drum in combination with an additional pressure belt inside the abrasive belt creates a lot of pressure to the inside and outside edges of the part. At the same timethe unit is able to compensate variations in thickness of the parts.

The process:

- Work piece through feed
  by heat resistant feed belt
  with permanent magnet under
  the feed belt

- Deburring with TwinBelt unit,
  high deburring power with
  compensation of variations in

- Rounding of edges by big
  disc unit with flexible brush
  supported finger abrasives

The unique TwinBelt unit (patend pending)

The core of the TwinMaster is the unique TwinBelt unit. The abrasive belt in combination
with a very soft contact drum leads to a lot of pressure on the inside and outside contours.
At the same time the unit is very flexible and can compensate variations of work piece thickness.
An addittional pressure belt which runs between the abrasive belt and the contact drum
creates even more pressure on the burrs without taking away the flexibility.
As well it protects the abrasive belt and the drum against cuts and tears.

An additional pneumatically controlled floating head system enables the unit to compensate
disortion of up to 6 mm. The whole unit is able to move upwards when the grinding pressuregets too high,
the contact drum will follow the shape of the work piece.