CrossGrinder TT - The innovative deburring concept

CrossGrinder TT

The CrossGrinder works very differently compared to conventional wide belt deburring machines. Two counter-rotating cross belts run 90° to the direction of the feed belt while contact pads push the belts against the workpieces. These special contact pads create a strong grinding action at the edges and contours of the workpiece while the surface of the workpiece is touched only very gently (patent pending).


CrossGrinder TT
  • The unique cross belt technology allows very small workpieces to be processed as a standard feature. There is no need for expensive magnetic or vacuum hold down systems, hence keeping the price of the machine down.
  • Due to the large contact area, the CrossGrinder achieves very good results using only two belt units - the machine remains compact and affordable.
  • Regardless of wether the workpieces are placed on the left, right or centre of the feed belt - the abrasive belts run 90° to the feed and will always wear evenly
  • The CrossGrinder uses narrow abrasive belts or nylon abrasive belts which are much cheaper than wide belts or a lot of other “special tools” on the market. This keeps the tooling costs extremely low.
  • Due to the wet grinding system it is not necessary to spend time changing tools or cleaning the machine when changing between steel, stainless steel or aluminium. All materials can be processed without changing any tools at all. Also there is no need for an expensive dust collection system.
  • All workpieces are washed and dried in the machine - at no extra time cost.


  • deburring and/or rounding of laser-cut or punched sheet metal
  • processing of inside and outside edges or contours
  • for plastic foiled sheet metal without destroying the foil
  • for processing steel, stainless steel, aluminium and other materials


  • CrossGrinder TT 1000 witht 1000mm working width and two Crossbelts
  • CrossGrinder TT 1300 witht 1300mm working width and two Crossbelts