HBS 400/ HBS 402 - The Versatile Solutions

HBS 400

The HBS 400 is a versatile solid wood sanding machine and sands from the top. Equipped with the Combi-unit, it allows either for an accurate calibration using the rubber roller or, thanks to the air sanding pad, for a copy-sanding. This model is also suitable for larger pieces due to the sanding width of 380 mm and a maximum workpiece thickness of 400 mm.

HBS 400 / (402) – Extra Sturdy

  • Extra sturdy design
  • Max. sanding width 380 mm, max. workpiece thickness 400 mm
  • Powerful 7.5 kW sanding motors on each unit
  • Motorized height adjustment with automatic scanning of workpiece thickness
  • Electronic digital display
  • Constant height of throughfeed
  • Shortest workpiece length 350 mm
  • "Combi-unit" with special HBS-sanding pad for adapting to varying thicknesses of up to 4 mm or warped pieces
  • Heavy roller unit for pre-sanding (HBS 402)
  • CERMET sanding pad for accurate fine-sanding (optional)
HBS 402

The twin-belt sanding machine HBS 402 features a sturdy roller unit for pre-sanding, followed by a combi-unit for finer sanding. In conjunction with the CERMET sanding pad (optional), it is particulary suited for premium wood conservatory manufacture.