HBS 400 ub - The Speedy Solution

HBS 400 ub

The HBS 400 ub is the speediest solution on offer from Loewer and sands the workpiece from below. The sensor-controlled conveyor belt, located on top, lowers pneumatically onto the workpiece – independent of its thickness. Therefore, a speedy processing is possible even with frequently-varying workpiece thicknesses.

The reverse function, standard on this machine, allows the workpiece to be sanded in both directions, in a forward and backward motion. This can be selected either using the automatic function or selecting the appropriate touch-button.

One operator can sand a 10 m long beam in only four minutes, from three sides.

We call that efficent!

speedy setting of thickness pneumatically

HBS 400 ub – Quick as a flash

  • Speedy setting of thickness pneumatically
  • Sands in forward and backward direction using “Reverse” function (PLC controls)
  • Constant height of throughfeed making it possible to use with roller conveyors
  • HBS-sanding pad with tolerance adjustment of up to 4 mm
  • Sands beams with cut-outs or gaps
  • Maximum sanding width 400 mm
  • Sanding thickness 15- 400 mm

Optional extras:

  • Roller conveyor
  • Also comes in working width of 640 mm